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Forex forex trading course From zero to professional
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Which is the most popular course on the Udemy platform, with more than 29,000 students, as the course covers the needs of the beginner trader from the beginning and learns about the types of financial markets andForex currency market The mechanism of trading in this market contains Currency trading course Foreign exchange on multiple axes - what are the types of financial markets What is forex and currency trading - Explain the schools of analysis - Explain technical analysis - Classical analysis explained – Explanation of the MetaTrader trading platform – Explanation of the MetaTrader mobile trading platform – Comparison between MetaTrader 4 and 5 – Explanation of the trend – Explanation of the types of trend – Explanation of the downtrend – Conditions of the downtrend – Conditions of the downtrend – Explanation of the uptrend – The cases of the uptrend – Conditions of the trend Bullish- Explanation of trading through a trend- Explanation of support and resistance- Explanation of drawing support and resistance- Explanation of breaking support- Explanation of breaking resistance- Explanation of the exchange of roles in support-resistance- Explanation of trading through support and resistance-Explanation of technical models-Explanation of positive technical patterns- Explanation of patterns Reflexive technical - explanation of Japanese candles - positive Japanese candles - negative Japanese candles - explanation of technical indicators - explanation of moving averages - explanation of Fibonacci - types of Fibonacci - explanation of MACD - explanation of RSI - explanation of the CCI indicator - explanation of zigzag - explanation of divergence - indicators Free - Electronic files for help - Forex companies - licenses for forex companies - the best forex company

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